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Everything is going well. If anybody has anything they'd like put up in the announcements, let Master-Raiden know.

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 Answer to Rocky Hollow.

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LED General (Envoy)

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PostSubject: Answer to Rocky Hollow.   Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:08 pm

A small scold for the forumboard. To access the Age of Wonders section, I had to register (please note: this does not mean I apply membership, I am after all, a LED General) first, which after I was able to see the posts in Age of Wonders section, although not able to write athing there. Whenever you should find time.. I would appreciate such permission.

However, as response to Stoneskin's email she(..or is it he?) sent me, I accept the Viral Shaikan challenge at Rocky Hollow, 4vs1, as friendly match, assuming it will have no greater effect on the organization/clan relations. If you seek to challenge LED itself, do so at our forumboard, which is read by more fellow LEDians.

Thank you,
LED Frozen Warrior,
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Overlord Warlock

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PostSubject: Re: Answer to Rocky Hollow.   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:33 pm

Sorry about the having to register thing. It's just so that only people who actually play the game can write there. I'll add you to the group, and give you your own LED color so people don't get confused... but I don't want your entire clan here. You'll be an envoy I suppose.

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Answer to Rocky Hollow.
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