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 Age of Wonders Colors.

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PostSubject: Age of Wonders Colors.   Tue Jun 30, 2009 7:16 pm

Here are exact colors for Age of Wonders races courtesy of Travis II from the AoWH website. (make sure to use [color][/color] instead of just [c][/c] as the latter doesn't work.)

Humans - #7373de
Azracs - #efb573
Lizardmen - #4aa58c
Frostlings - #9cc6e7
Elves - #6bb54a
Halflings - #efe773
Dwarves - #d6ad8c
Highmen - #efefde
Dark Elves - #b563bd
Orcs - #f74242
Goblins - #bd7352
Undead - #947b73

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Age of Wonders Colors.
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